This is our effort to chronicle goings-on at our church, right from the very beginning.


May 12, 7:00 PM

First meeting of group from W. Cedar Grove. Met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Edwards. Eight persons present:

  • Rev James Womble and wife, Ola
  • Odis Honeycutt
  • Livington & Nell Edwards
  • Muriel Cox
  • Carl & Frances King

May 19, 7:00 PM

Second meeting of group from W. Cedar Grove. Met at the home of Muriel Cox at West 49 Trailer Park. Youth from the trailer park sang some songs. Prayer and devotions. Reports and discussion: Starting date was set for June 12. Pending: getting a building.


  • Rev. & Mrs. Womble
  • Rev. & Mrs. Danforth
  • Leland Bingham
  • Carl & Frances King
  • Odis Honeycutt
  • Muriel Cox

Prospective Teachers:

  • Jr./Sr. High: Leland Bingham
  • Children - 1-6: Mrs. Womble
  • Preschool: Frances King

May 27, 7:00 PM

Third meeting of group from West Cedar Grove group held at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Womble.

Set a visitation at the mobile home part for June 4, 1989 at 4:00 PM at the Shelter.

Carl King and Rev. Womble went east and west respectively on Highway 49 while the ladies canvassed the mobile home park. They met back at 7:00 PM for light food and prayer service.

June 2

Mr. Livingston Edwards called home. He didn't live to see very much done on the work.

June 12

First meeting of Cedar Grove Mission. Met in the Unity Community Center.

Odis Honeycutt was acting Sunday School Director. 25 in attendance: 3 preschool, 3 in grades 1-6; 6 youth and 12 adults. Rev. James A. Womble preached the first sermon from Psalm 146. There was no outward response made but the group showed great spirit.

August 14

First Sunday morning "POT LUCK DINNER" at Pavillion at West 49 trailer park following Sunday morning services. There were 36 in attendance. Carl King indicates that there was a "FEAST" with 6 first time guests.

August 21

First "PROFESSIONS OF FAITH", 3 young ladies came forward to give their hearts to Jesus.

September 4

LAST meeting at West 49 building. Had 31 present.

September 11

First meeting at Tabernacle Church building. It was rented for $200 per month. There were 56 present for Sunday School and 61 for preaching.

September 28

First "WEDNESDAY NIGHT SERVICE". 12 persons present.

First "BUSINESS MEETING". Odis Honeycutt gave the first treasury report and reported that there was $900 in the treasury with all bills paid but literature and flowers.

October 2

First "COOPERATIVE OFFERING" taken ($101.50) for State Missions.

October 3

Met with Missions Committee of First Baptist Church of Asheboro. They were interested in sponsoring the mission.

October 30

First "HIGH ATTENDANCE" Day. 64 in Sunday School. Had 9 to join church.

December 11

First "LOTTIE MOON OFFERING" - $321.00.

December 18

First "CHRISTMAS PROGRAM" - 40 were present.


January 18

First "BENOVELENCE OFFERING" taken for someone in need. $50.00.

January 29

Flags received as a gift from The Woodman of the Work.

March 11

Pastor - Rev. James Womble - resigned as Supply Pastor. It was voted to give him 4 weeks pay. 52 were present.

March 18

Rev. Vernon McDaniel preached and brought a message of faithfulness. 36 were present.

March 28

First "MISSION ACCOUNT" - voted to have treasurer place interest money over $500.00 in Mission Checking Account.

April 22

First "LORD'S SUPPER" observed. This was Easter Sunday.

July 1

Called Merritt York as first official pastor. Paid $100 per week toward salary and traveling expenses.

July 22

"Credentials Committee" met to review Merritt York and nomination for Ordination. He was approved.

August 5

Rev. Merritt York, Jr. ordained into the Ministry of the Gospel.

August 27

The Tabernacle Church Building was sold and the mission must move again.

September 23

Report on the lot on Old Highway 49 at Brickyard Road Connection (now Cable Creek). Voted unanimously to purchase the lot for 6,500.00.

October 24

First Choir practice.

November 11

Association Building Meeting. 42 for preaching.

November 18

Second time at Association Building. 34 for Sunday School and 36 for Worship.

December 30

"Odis Honeycutt Day" - Merritt York announced.


March 17

Mission decided to call Rod Beale and ask First Baptist to ordain him.

June 2

"GROUND BREAKING" on Church site.

June 9

Donna Auman agreed to be pianist.

July 14

Mission voted to begin building, 40' x 90'. Asked Mike Auman to help with plans.


February 23

"Men's Breakfast". It was announced that the Baptist Men of Central North Carolina had agreed to build 5 churches, one of which was Cedar Grove Mission.

March 23

First "REVIVAL" with Bill Baird held at Farmer United Community Building.


September 10

Cedar Grove chartered as "CEDAR GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH" with 44 members.

September 24

Elected first Deacons by secret ballot: Bill Owens, Mike Auman, and Leland Bingham.



Carl King replaced Bill Owens as Deacon.



Darrel Johnson replaced Leland Bingham as active Deacon for Year 1991-1992.


Began work on upstairs.

June 27

Rod Beale resigned effective that day.

December 15

Pastor Search Committee presented Gary Mullis as bi-vocational pastor for vote.


January 1

Gary Mullis began officially as Pastor of Cedar Grove Baptist Church.

June 18

Gary Mullis Ordained as a Minister of the Gospel at a service held at First Baptist Church in Asheboro.


February 21

Glenfield and Charlotte Pierce were killed in auto accident leaving Church at noon.

March 6

Memorial Service for Glenfield and Charlotte Pierce.



Gordon Singer, CA bequest to Mission Fund of approximately $70,000.


July 18

Danny Hosler ordained into Ministry by Cedar Grove Baptist Church.


September 7

Playground Dedication.

December 31

Rev. Gary Mullis resigned from the pulpit to allow the Church to call a full-time pastor.


January 1

Dr. Gene Akins became Interim Pastor.


January 25

Church adopted a new Constitution with the purpose of calling a full-time pastor.

March 7

Cedar Grove Commission of Journeyman Missionary, Ms. Heather Binghm for service in Guadalajara, Mexico.

June 6